Athas is an endless wasteland, yet it has a majestic and stark beauty. When first light casts its emerald hues over the Sea of Silt, or when sunset spreads its orange flame over the Mekillot Mountains, the world’s feral beauty stirs in the untamed heart of each of us. It is a call to take up spear and dagger, to flee the cities, to go and see what lurks out in the barrenness.
-The Wanderer’s Journal

The world of Athas is a bleak and barren wasteland, polluted and degraded by the Sorcerer-Kings millenia ago in their vane quest for power and immortality. long ago the gods lost their war against powerful Primordials, since then the peoples of Athas have had to get by with what only they could muster. Psionic power and the corrupting energies of Magic have allowed tyrants and heroes to beat back the wasteland that encroaches closer each blistering year. In a world such as Athas, heroes are judged by their strength and unbending will.

The Sorceror's Wake

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