Estuary of the Forked Tongue

I’ve know Giants to move the shoal markers, hoping that a silt skimmer might strand herself in deep silt. Then they’ll kill you and eat you, or they’ll charge you half your cargo to pull you out of the silt. Not sure which is worst.
-Nimora Hestian, Balican skimmer captain

A great arm of the Sea of Silt that nearly slices through the Tyr Region, the Estuary of the Forked Tongue is home to dozens of small villages, trading posts, and nomad camps. This inlet reaches well over four hundred miles from the island of Waverly at its mouth to the trading town of Altaruk at the head of the northern arm; the city state of Balic sits near the midpoint of the Forked Tongue. The Estuary serves as a trade route for silt schooners out of Balic, and many of the villages and tribes here fall under the influence of the Balican merchant houses.

Travelers will have to face many dangers when traveling through the Estuary. There are many Giant Holds and Bandit Camps that dot the silty perimeter of the Estuary. Clutches of SSurrans have been known to capture caravans as well as run-ins with the indigenous predators.

Features and Points of Interest.
The Dragon’s Palate.

This narrow island consists of nothing more than a tall line of thin mountains that run along its center. The north face sees a good deal of rain by Athasian standards. Balic supports several small, well protected forts on the western edge of the island to guard against Giant attacks.
The Giant Grusgoth the Pullverizer is known to live somewhere on The Dragon’s Palate, but patrols haven’t been able to pin down the location of his Hold.
A smattering of Minotaur villages dot the upper passes of the central mountain chain. A little bit of trade has been done with a few enterprising Minotaurs who have found flint deposits to sell, but they remain cutoff for the most part from the outside world.

The Mountains of the Teeth

A low range of dry, knife-edged peaks, the Mountains of the Teeth are home to hostile tribes of Tareks and Minotaurs. The Mountains are rumored to contain the ruins of several mysterious, ancient monasteries.


Ledopolus is actually two towns, South Ledopolus (pop 2,000) is located on the island of Ledo, North Ledopolus (pop 1,000) is located on the southwestern edge of the Great Ivory Plain. Ledopolus is has a large population of Dwarfs. They have been undertaking a great building project to span the Estuary’s sides with a Bridge, the task now stretches in to its 80th year. Since the Dwarfs of Ledopolus have been building a Bridge, the Giants of Bleeding Eyes Hold have been waging war to tear it down. They see a Bridge as destroying the Natural World and have been fighting back with elemental spirits at their side.


Altaruk is located at the terminus of the Estuary of the Forked Tongue and is considered an important trade stop if one wants to travel the Great Road through Urik, Raam, and Draj or the Tyran Road, or the People’s Road through Gulg to Nibenay . Altaruk is governed by the Trade Houses of Balic, chief of which are Houses Wavir, Rees and Tomblador. Altaruk is protected by 15 feet high walls and top of the line guards. Guards chase off any trouble within a half-days journey to Altaruk.

Estuary of the Forked Tongue

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